»Put on your tinfoil hat«


The memeclass is an autonomous class dedicated to digital practice. In this year's seminar we want to explore the aesthetic, social and political dimensions of image phenomena of the internet. Our discussion will be strongly linked to the current situation and the shift of many areas of life to digital, such as online education. The theoretical fundament of our seminar will be the book series »Digitale Bildkulturen« which was published by Wagenbach Verlag. Taking the Internet as a reference space, we approach the possibilities of translating digital material into the physical exhibition space.

»Put on your tinfoil hat: In this class we study how to navigate the weird part of Internet, how to read ancient manuscripts from obscure online museums and discover practices of post-digital mysticism.« Karin Ferrari about the memeclass.


participants: Juan Blanco*, Fernanda Braun Santos, Joscha Brüning, Malin Dorn, Felix Deiters, Mateusz Dworczyk*, Hannes Fleckstein, Christin Großmann, Miriam Hartung, Ramona Kortyka*, Salomé Lapleau,, Klara Pröpstl, Annika Reinhard, Angelina Simon, Jennifer Scherler, Thies Warnke

guests: Bernhard Garnicnig, Nele Kieseritzky,